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Meter Installation Programs

  • Smart Meter Installation & Replacement Projects
  • Complete Turnkey Packages or Customized Solutions
  • Experienced Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Campaign Development & Public Awareness Support
  • Year Round Call Center Facilitation


Working with large utilities, Metercor has taken the appropriate steps to hire and retain the best installers by developing advanced training courses for virtually all aspects of meter installations, customer service, and quality assurance. We have implemented unique training centers to provide hands on experience with the meters & AMR products we install.


Data Maintenance, Integrity, and Security are of the utmost concern to Metercor. Because every project is a unique in its own ways, we customize data management and reporting to reflect every customer's requirements for specialized treatment.


Project success is ultimately defined by the completion rate, customer satisfaction, and operability of the reading system. We are proud of our greater than 98% completion rate, and our customer references will testify to their satisfaction in products and services delivered by Metercor.