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Meter Accuracy Testing

If the water meters in your community have been in service for 10 years or longer, it's a good idea to have them tested for accuracy to ensure that users are not being under or over-billed.

Metercor can provide either shop or in-situ testing for meter sizes ranging from 5/8" to 6", either on call or on contract for everyone from the smallest villages to major urban communities.

Industrial, Commercial, and Institutions should have their meters tested for accuracy every 2 years to ensure their high usage is being billed accordingly and Management companies wishing to achieve the Leeds designation can also rest assured that Metercor will verify their meter population's accuracy.

We have the products and experience to help support your metering programs, along with a strong track record to back it up! Contact us today for a no obligation consultation to discuss meter testing and maintenance for your community & users.