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Public Awareness

The Cornerstone of any utility deployment is communication and education for those who are involved.

With over 13 years experience, Metercor can help design, develop, and deploy a number of communication strategies and collateral to help convey the messaging and goals of the project.

Strategies can include:

  • Conventional Letters, Flyers, Door Hangers, and Inserts for billing cycles
  • Email, Facebook, and Twitter communications
  • Notices in Community publications
  • Media Involvement and Promotion

Often, these types of collateral can educate homeowners on their Frequently Asked Questions and dispelling the myths about metering, to provide solid resources in the community for decreasing resource consumption. These efforts generally lead to the overall (voluntary) reduction in usage, and can help residents understand how they can make small changes to their behavior and consumption patterns that will make larger impacts in the developing sustainability of their communities. At Metercor, we work with a communications partner to develop tailor made messages and collateral, specific for your community and goals.